Gap Bumper

Never Lose Anything Under the Couch Again

Sick Of Straining Your Back And Knees?

Getting down on the floor with a broom stick to blindly swat at toys, sippy cups, pacifiers, bottles, game pieces, socks, pens, crayons, change and  loose grapes is not only very annoying, it can be hard for people with a bad back or knees. 

Tired Of Reverse Fetch?

Thats when your dog purposely knocks something under the couch for YOU to retrieve for THEM all while barking and scratching up your floors.

Disgusted with dirt and dust accumulating under furniture?

You don't know what could be hiding under there!

Gap Bumper Is A Simple Inexpensive Solution To Keep Things From Rolling Under The Couch!

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Key Features


Our patent-pending product is produced with the finest materials and features:

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