About Us

Welcome to my site! I am an animal lover and pet owner that had a problem no one could fix! My dog would constantly push his toys under the couch and bark incessantly until you retrieved it for him. That, of course, would entail getting on my hands and knees with some sort of long object to swat months of dust, dirt and other forgotten objects out from under the couch. Then, not 5 minutes later would my dog do the same exact thing, it was like a game for him!

I searched online for a solution with no luck, I knew I couldn’t be the only person having this problem. So I thought parents must have this same problem when toddlers roll bottles, binkies, toys and who knows what else around the floor! So I searched for a solution in the child care industry, no luck. so THEN I thought ok, well there are people who have back problems or other disabilities that don’t allow them to get down on the floor to retrieve items that went under furniture, surely there is something for that! You guessed it, NOPE!

That’s when I got to the drawing board for my own solution. After many failed attempts I came up with something that was strong enough to hold up to the heaviest of toys, durable enough to stand up to dog slobber and teeth and versatile enough to fit on all different size couches effortlessly. I thought if it helps me it will probably help lots of other people with similar problems and that’s when Gap Bumper was formed!

Although I do have a degree in business I am not a big corporation that only cares about the profits. I am a true animal lover that has a solution to a problem many people have. I am excited to hear what you have to say about the product and would love any tips or comments on how to improve!